About Us

Sunflower Electric Economic Development is a collective initiative of Sunflower and its members. We continue to take pride in being pioneers, in seeing the potential in our communities and businesses, in trying new ways of doing things, and remaining committed to our goals.

Pioneers see the potential. Pioneers take chances. Pioneers persevere. Armed with those essential traits, common people settled the Midwest. Those same traits were necessary when rural Kansans collaborated to form electric cooperatives to provide rural farm and communities with electricity. It took courage and time and teamwork. By the mid-1900s, 35% of rural Kansans had electricity delivered to their doors, and they never looked back.

The member-owned electric cooperatives continued to seek new ways to improve their members’ lives. They understood that businesses, farms, and communities needed access to reliable, affordable electricity to prosper so they invested in the infrastructure and assets to make that happen. You could say electric co-ops have been involved in economic development since their beginning.

In 1957, six western Kansas distribution cooperatives formed Sunflower Electric Power Corporation as a source of wholesale power and high voltage transmission service. This allowed them to better serve their member-owners at the end of the line. This strong electric cooperative utility system delivers abundant, reliable electricity through state-of-the art  transmission and distribution systems to more than 259,000 Kansans daily.

Today, Sunflower Electric Power Corporation's members are: