Business Development Services

The Sunflower Electric Economic Development team is dedicated to the success of businesses in the region. Our key accounts staff are here to provide assistance for your business and help you navigate opportunities within our region.

  • Location Assistance – The Sunflower Electric Economic Development team has qualified staff that are familiar with the region. Let us connect you to areas that meet your business criteria.
  • Connections to applicable resources – The Sunflower Electric Economic Development team has a vast resource network to help connect your business to the services you need.
  • Incentives and assistance programs – Let the Sunflower Electric Economic Development team connect you to local, state, and federal resources for incentives and assistance programs.
  • Access to sites and buildings information – Be sure to search our inventory of sites and buildings from our LOIS profile listed on our website.
  • Electric Interconnection Studies – Sunflower Electric provides professional engineering services to its members to study interconnection to the distribution and/or transmission system and, if necessary, coordinate with the Southwest Power Pool—the regional transmission organization serving the region.
  • Other services upon request
    • Commercial Energy Audits – Sunflower’s members have a variety of programs to assist customers with energy management and efficiency.
    • Energy Information Management - Sunflower’s members have deployed state of the art metering technology so that customers have access to real time usage information, allowing customers the ability to manage their usage effectively.

Sunflower Electric Economic Development is a joint effort of Sunflower Electric Power Corporation and its member distribution utilities, which are the face of electric service in the communities they serve.

Together we are a strong partner to the value-added agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and IT companies that are doing business in here. From helping you find the location that’s right for you, to making connections and solving problems, we’re committed to helping you get up and running quickly. If you haven’t thought about western Kansas, give us a call. We’ll help you find your company’s future in America’s centerpiece.