Educational Opportunities

At Sunflower Electric Economic Development, we understand the complexities of rural economic development. We understand that progress also takes times, patience and perseverance. To aid in the understanding of the various topics important to rural development, Sunflower Electric Economic Development will periodically host educational workshops that will be open to communities and resource partners in the region. Topics may range from:
• Capacity building
• Community readiness
• Marketing
• LocationOne
• Electricity 101
• Workforce
• Talent Development
• Placemaking
• Others trending in economic development

What is expected of my community?

Community staff and/or volunteers should remain in contact with their local electric cooperative for additional information regarding educational opportunities and registration information.

What can you expect from Sunflower Electric Economic Development?

Sunflower Electric Economic Development will engage consultants and/or subject matter experts in related topics important for rural development efforts. As workshops are scheduled, we will post them on the calendar and send communication through our members.