Sunflower Certified Sites Program

Sunflower Electric Economic Development developed the Sunflower Certified Sites Program to assist communities with commercial and industrial development opportunities. Contact us for more information on site requirements or to obtain an application.

What is a Certified Site?

Sunflower Electric Economic Development Certified Sites Program

A Certified Site is a parcel of land that meets specific criteria that makes it ready for business development opportunities.

A Certified Site is a site:

  • intended for commercial and industrial development;
  • on which a local government or locally recognized economic development organization has completed a compilation of required data specific to the site, submitted such data to Sunflower as the Program Sponsor, and has certified the accuracy of such data;
  • with a parcel(s) totaling 10 acres or more in size, controlled by one entity;
  • to be marketed primarily by Sunflower, the community and/or local economic development organization for business recruitment or business expansion;
  • containing a minimum 6” water main, industrial capacity sanitary sewer; and 3-phase, 12 kV electric infrastructure available to the property line of the site that has been cleared of dense forestation and underbrush and that is reasonably flat to the extent adequate developable space is available without excessive cut and fill effort;
  • that is listed with Kansas LocationOne and Sunflower with complete and current community information or electronic application materials attached to the site page; and
  • that has achieved recognition and certification from Sunflower.

What Is the Program’s Objective?

The certification program is designed to: 

  • encourage local economic development organizations to control, invest in, and comprehensively analyze sites prior to client visitation;
  • standardize and recognize one set of site-specific data that are most demanded by site selectors and developers;
  • establish a Sunflower-wide inventory of Certified Sites;
  • improve Sunflower’s members’ competitive edge by giving businesses more certainty in locating and developing projects quickly;
  • demonstrate to a client that Sunflower’s members, economic development organizations, and/or government agencies are committed to promoting and expediting economic development projects.

Who May Submit an Application?

  • An individual working in collaboration with a local economic development office, city or county;
  • Local city government within which the property boundaries lie;
  • Local county government within which the property boundaries lie; and
  • Locally or regionally recognized, formally organized economic development organizations.

What is expected of your community?

If interested, contact Sunflower Electric Economic Development for a program application. Provide the main point of contact to gather and identify all site criteria outlined in the Certified Sites Application Form. Once completed, submit your information to Sunflower to complete the certification process.

What can you expect from Sunflower Electric Economic Development?

What can you expect from Sunflower Certified Site Program? Sunflower will serve as the Program Administrator for the Certified Site Program. All applications will be coordinated through Sunflower and upon third party review and approval will receive the certified site designation. All certified sites will be placed on the featured property list on on this website and receive a special certified site seal on LocationOne. Contact Sunflower Electric Economic Development for a copy of the Certified Site application.