Electric service is the centerpiece to many business models and often times is the deciding factor in business location decisions. Sunflower Electric Economic Development provides a variety of ways to work together to meet your energy needs.

Reliability – Sunflower Electric and its member distribution utilities provide a robust distribution and transmission system to serve your energy needs. Electric services is unique to each business and is dependent on the company’s need for reliability and planned energy usage. Our key accounts staff are ready to work with you to streamline the process for electric service. Contact us when you are ready to discuss electric service needs.

Rate Incentives – At Sunflower Electric Economic Development, we recognize the value of commercial and industrial customers. In order to promote economic investment in the region, Sunflower Electric has special rate incentives for customers that consistently require high energy demands. The Economic Development Rider allows qualifying new or expanding customers to reduce their electric rate for a specified period, while the High Load Factor Rider gives qualified customers a reduced rate as long as they continue to meet the load qualifications. Many of Sunflower’s members also offer economic development incentives. Contact a member of the Sunflower Electric Economic Development team when you are ready for a customized power supply proposal.

Renewable Energy Options – Sunflower Electric Economic Development has programs in place to help companies meet their sustainability goals. Located in America’s centerpiece, western Kansas is home to plentiful wind energy resources as well as new solar developments. Sunflower’s Renewable Energy Rider allows qualified participants to customize their power supply mix by participating in renewable energy options. Customers have the ability to choose both their level of participation as well as the type of renewable resource. Currently, Sunflower Electric offers both wind and solar resources as part of our Renewable Energy Rider. Contact us for more information on ways we can support your company’s sustainability goals.

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation and our members provide a diverse mix of generation in our energy portfolio, including renewables, natural gas, and coal-based resources. Our energy mix serves to balance risks versus costs by allowing short-term opportunities to offset long-term risks. As your partners in energy management, we constantly strive to deliver the best quality service at the lowest possible costs. That’s why we are actively engaged in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), the reliability entity for the region. Participation in the SPP ensures all reliability solutions are considered to safeguard against unnecessary cost escalation. Contact a member of the Sunflower Electric Economic Development team when you are ready to discuss your energy needs.

Other Utilities 
  • Natural Gas – Located in the center of the United States, America’s centerpiece is home to one of the largest natural gas deposits. The Hugoton Gas Field in southwest Kansas supplies 41 percent of all natural gas produced in Kansas. A variety of natural gas companies and municipalities provide access to the region with an abundant supply of natural gas. Let Sunflower Electric Economic Development connect you with local gas suppliers.
  • Fiber – Because of the region’s central location, businesses in western Kansas have access to major fiber lines running east-to-west and north-to-south, connecting them to a national fiber network. The region is also home to a number of gig capable communication providers and Smart Rural Communities. A variety of cooperatively and privately owned telecommunications companies provide access to a robust fiber network. Let Sunflower Electric Economic Development connect you with local telecommunications providers.

The Sunflower Electric Economic Development team is ready to discuss your utility options. From helping you find the location that’s right for you, to making connections and solving problems, we’re committed to helping you get up and running quickly and with no surprises.