Information Technology and Data Centers

With one of the most business-friendly environments for data centers and information technology companies in the nation, you owe it to your company to find out why Kansas is the location where IT firms can thrive. Sunflower Electric Economic Development can help you navigate the complex demands of a data center project. Sunflower provides plentiful, reliable energy to its six member electric cooperatives, including green power options. Our team of economic developers will help you access information, solve problems, and get your operation up and running quickly.

Kansas Welcomes Information Technology Industries!
  • Data Centers in Kansas pay no property tax on data center equipment.
  • Kansas offers conditional sales tax exemption/reduction for data center equipment.
  • High Performance Incentive Program (HPIP): Kansas offers a sales tax exemption on machinery and equipment and building materials, without job creation minimums.

You’re Safer in Kansas

Sunflower Earthquake Map
  • Sunflower Electric’s western Kansas service area is relatively free of natural disasters.
    • Low earthquake risk
    • Low flooding risk
    • Significantly fewer tornados than most of the region

Keeping it Cool
  • Sunflower Electric’s service region has more than 6,500 free cooling hours annually.
Free Cooling Hours Map

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Kansas Wind EnergyWind energy potential in the western Kansas Sunflower region exceeds usage with excess capacity available for large scale data center development. Kansas currently generates nearly 90 times the amount of wind power it consumes.

Kansas Solar EnergyThe western Kansas Sunflower region has above average hours available for solar development. Western Kansas communities receive as much as 3,600 hours of sunshine annually.

Sunflower Electric Economic Development: A Partner You Can Count On

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation provides wholesale generation, transmission and other support services to its six member rural electric cooperatives, which are the face of electric service to people in the communities they serve. Sunflower Electric Economic Development partners with its member utilities to advance business development activities.

Sunflower Electric does so much more than provide plentiful, reliable electric power generation and transmission. We’re a strong partner to the value-added ag, manufacturing, energy and information technology companies that are doing business here. From helping you find the location that’s right for you to making connections and solving problems, we’re committed to helping you get up and running quickly and with no surprises. If you haven’t thought about Kansas, give us a call. We’ll help you find your company’s future here.